The Article Below is a reprint of a posting in EAA Sport Aviation Magazine

Oct. 2003 pg 31
By Jack Cox

New 2-place Beahawk Patrol

Several four-place derivations of earlier two-place homebuilt designs were introduced at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2003, but Bob Barrows went in the opposite direction. He introduced an all-new two-place tandem derivation of his popular four-place Bearhawk. Called the Bearhawk Patrol, it has the same general configuration as a Super Cub, but with much cleaner, more efficient metal wings, it is some 20 to 30 mph faster on the same horsepower--while just as capable on the other end of the performance spectrum. With a 170 Lycoming for power and fixed-metal prop, the Bearhawk Patrol has a Vne of 165 mph and a cruise of 140. Stall speed is 35 mph. The takeoff roll is just 250 feet. Amazingly, with the Patrol's standard 55-gallon fuel capacity and the 170 lycoming pulled back to 35% (and 100mph), the airplane has an endurance of nearly nine hours! The empty weight of the prototype is 950 lbs. Gross is 2,000 lbs.

The key to the Patrol's performance, Bob says, is the wing's Harry Ribblet-design 30-413.5 airfoil section. It's thicker than the airfoil used on the four-place Bearhawk, which allowed him to use .020 rather than .025 aluminum skins, resulting in a lighter, less expensive structure, yet retaining the same degree of torsion rigidity. With less of a pitching moment than airfoils of a comparable lift coefficient, Bob was able to raise the horizontal stabilizer's angle of incidence, which made the airplane a little faster.

The Bearhawk Patrol has the same welded steel tube, fabric-covered fuselage and tail section as the four-place, but the tail surfaces have airfoil shape rather than flat surfaces. This allowed Bob to reduce the horizontal tail's area and reduce drag without sacrificing control authority.

The low end on the performance scale is greatly enhanced by the large flaps that can be lowered (four notches) to 40 degrees. Without them, Bob say's the airplane is an impressive glider!

The Bearhawk Patrol was designed to use four-cylinder Lycoming engines, ranging from the O-235 to the 200hp IO-360. Strictly a plans-built design, no kits are planned but some components, such as the main landing gear, are available from vendors.

For more information, contact R&B Aircraft, 2079 Breckinridge Mill Road, Fincastle, VA 24090, Phone 540-473-3661