Patrol Parts For Sale by Bearhawk Aircraft

Bearhawk Aircraft has been manufacturing kits and parts for the Bearhawk since 2001. In 2009, we started manufacturing kits & parts for the Patrol. All parts manufactured by Bearhawk Aircraft are made under the supervision and authorization of Bob Barrows, design engineer of the Bearhawk & Patrol.

As well as full Quick Build fuselages and wings, Bearhawk Aircraft is now offering all parts for the Patrol. Parts are made to order. These parts can be purchased painted, or furnished without primer or paint. Parts are packages by page of the plans. Each plans package should include all parts that are seen on that specific page of the plans. The parts prices and packing/shipping charges are listed separately. If you use PayPal, the packing/shipping prices will be automatically added. For questions, email us at: , or send us a letter to:

Bearhawk Aircraft
P.O. Box 9018

Austin, TX 78766

Trucks come from our factory every 3 to 4 months. So please give us as much lead time as possible so you are not delayed on your project while waiting for parts.

Quick Build wings -these wings are sold in an advanced level of completion. The top skin is completely finish riveted. The forward edge of the bottom skin is finish riveted to the bottom flange of the main spar, and aft of the main spar the bottom skin is drilled and dimpled as are the ribs the bottom skin is riveted to. The bottom skin is pop riveted (with a few pops) for shipment. You drill out the pops to have access for the wing interior work. The spars and all spar parts are alumnipreped, alodined, and primered with MIL-P-23377E strontium chromate epoxy primer. The wing skin interiors and all ribs are primered with Zinc Chromate. The steel parts in the wings are primered with the epoxy primer and top coated with MIL-C-22750D epoxy paint. Quick Build wings come with ailerons and flaps 90% finished, but still requiring fabric covering.

Price $17,705 + $500 crating charge

Contact us at
or call toll-free 1-877-528-4776
(from Alaska, call 512/626-7886)

Plans page #8 parts - includes:
Aileron support frames (2 pieces)
Aileron bellcranks (2 pieces)
Aileron pushrods ( 2 pieces)

Plans page #8 - Parts painted
Price: $474.88 ($25 S&H)

Plans page #8 - unpainted parts
Price: $432.48 ($25 S&H)

Plans page #9 parts - includes:
Flap support frames (2 pieces)
Inboard flap levers (2 pieces)
Flap arms (4 pieces)
Flap pushrods (2 pieces w/bushings)

Plans page #9 Price: parts painted $403.86 ($25 S&H)

price unpainted parts $366.76 ($25 S&H)

Plans page #13-#14
- includes page #13 & #14 parts:
Hinge mount flap inboard & outboard
(4 pieces)
Hinge mount Flap center (2 pieces)
Flap inboard & outboard hinges
(4 sets of 2)
Flap center hinges (2 sets of 2)
Aileron hinges inboard (2 sets of 2)
Aileron hinges outboard (2 sets of 2)
Aileron hinge mounts outboard (2 pieces)
Aileron hinge mounts inboard ( 2 pieces)

Plans page # 14 PRICED TOGETHER WITH #13 painted $491.84 ($20 S&H)

Plans page # 14 PRICED TOGETHER WITH #13 unpainted $447.32 ($20 S&H)

Plans page #15 parts - includes:
Support tube (2 pieces)
Aileron cable pulley bracket (2 pieces)

Plans page #15 price painted $360.40 ($20 S&H)

Plans page #15 price unpainted $333.90 ($20 S&H)

Plans page #15 parts
- includes:
Wing strut attach fittings
(4 pieces)

Wing strut attach fittings (4 pieces) - $95.40 + $10 S&H

Plans page #16 parts
Wing strut ends milled out of 2024T4
(4 pieces)

Plans page #16 (4 pieces) $159 + $10 S&H

Plans #22 Horizontal Stabilizers & Elevators
:includes 2 Hor Stabs (L&R)
2 Elevators (L&R) w/horns installed
2 trim horns
2 trim linkage parts installed
2 trim pushrods (straight)

Price (painted) $964.60 + $50 s+h

Price (unpainted) $895.70 + $50 s+h

#23 - Rudder assy.

Price (painted) $371 + $25 s+h

Price (unpainted) $337.08 + $25 s+h

#24 Horizontal & Vertical Stabilizer Ribs Elevator & Rudder Ribs
11 airfoil shaped ribs
22 flat or tapered ribs

Price (unpainted) $408.10 + $15 s+h

#26 Landing gear legs without step
1 L & 1 R

Price (painted) $833.16 + $45 s+h

Price (unpainted) $757.90 + $45 s+h

#28 Shock Struts
1 L & 1 R
2 pistons welded to shaft
2 Hard bronze top caps
Includes o-ring & snap ring kit

Price (painted) $768.50 + $30 s+h

Price (unpainted) $715.50 + $30 s+h

#29 Control Stick Assy
1 front stick
1 rear stick
Stick bases (front & rear) welded to 1.25x.035 torque tube
1 interconnect tube
1 idler arm

Price (painted) $556.50 + $22.50 s+h

Price (unpainted) $492.90 + $22.50 s+h

#30 Rudder Pedals & Brakes
2 front rudder pedals
2 rear rudder pedals
4 cable links for front pedals
4 cable links for rear pedals

Price (painted) $270.30 + $20 s+h

Price (unpainted) $238.50 + $20 s+h

#31 Flap Control Assy
1 Flap handle
1 Inner latch pin release assy
1 mount plate
1 aluminum flap position quadrant
2 .080 tabs

Price (painted) $265 + $15 s+h

Price (unpainted) $233.20 + $15 s+h



Windshield - Patrol (minor or no trimming required) 1/8" thick

Note: All windshields are drop shipped directly from LPAero Plastics. Shipping and handling are normally $130 - $180

Note 2: For information about the new UVB blocking windshields - download this pdf.

p/n LP-1667CL Clear - $388.00

p/n LP-1667GT green tint - $465.00

p/n LP-1667SG solar gray tint - $465.00

p/n LP-1667UV-GT UV Blocking Green Tint - $605.00

p/n LP-1667UV-SG UV Blocking Solar Gray Tint - $605.00


Bearhawk fuel line gascolator made from 6061T6 aluminum, minimum internal port size 5/16 inch diameter. Max operating pressure 150 psi. 2 1/2 inch diameter with 3 inch height. inlet and outlet are 1/4 NTP. 1/8 NPT for quick drain on bottom of bowl. Comes with extra O-ring set. Free shipping if you send BH plans number with order.

Gascolator Assembly $83.21

Fuel cap assemblies

Includes all viton O-rings & nylon washers

Fuel cap assemblies $78/ pair + $10 S&H


MM3-2 qty 2; GMM-3M-470 qty 4; GMM-3M-570 qty 2; GMM-3M-680 qty 5; XAM-7 qty 2
$286.57 + $6 S&H
No picture available

XAM-7M Aurora Rod Ends
for shock struts

 Two (2) rod ends - $44.44 + $7.50 S&H
Gerdes short shaft brake master cylinders with special clevis end of 7075T6 which allows for max adjustment of length. Now overhauled w/all new orings and polished bore and shaft.

Gerdes master cylinders w/special clevis
$140.00/pair + $10 S&H

Patrol stainless round tail spring.
First heat treated to the proper hardness, and then machined to shape.

Patrol Tail wheel spring Price $102.82 + $12 shipping.

Bearhawk/Patrol/LSA tailwheel assembly. Complete with wheel, Aero Classic tire and tube. Available in 8", 10", or Tundra for either the Patrol or LSA (mount for Tapered Rod Spring) or Bearhawk (mount for 1 1/2" Leaf Spring)

Available at

Patrol Wing strut tie down rings

Tie down ring set $21.20 pair + $4 S&H

Patrol aileron bellcrank bearings - 4 required

Price $6.36 each + $5.20 S&H

Patrol aileron flap mount bearings - 10 required

Price $7.42 each + $5.20 S&H

Spar Web and Rib package

All spar webs of .032 2024T3 bent up to match the ribs we have professionally hydroformed. Includes webs for front wing spars , rear wing spars, flap spars, aileron spars, false spars aft of gas tanks, and false ribs(4). This package also includes all the parts that have to be bent on long brakes. These parts are the skin stiffeners aft of rear spar in the flap area, & trailing edge material.

Spar Web and Rib package
Price: $3498 + $175 S&H

Ribs package
- includes all ribs for one Patrol including main ribs (.025 & .032), nose ribs, flap nose & main ribs, aileron nose & main ribs, pocket ribs, & trailing edge ribs. These ribs are professionally hydroformed in the 0 condition and then hardened to the T-351 spec.

Price of all ribs for one Patrol:
$2120 + $45 S&H

No picture available

Patrol spar webs only
Spar webs only along with all aluminum parts that require a 8 ft. or 10 ft. brake

Patrol wing spars:
Price $1378 + $135 S&H

Finished Patrol wing spar/rib package
- finished and ready for assembly.Spars finished with all cap strips riveted in place and all rib attach angles in place & ready for wing assembly. Parts are alumniprepped, alodined, and then primered with MIL-P-23377 strotium chromate epoxy primer. Then the spar parts are riveted together. This package includes aileron & flap spars (bare aluminum), and the false spars. Includes all aluminum parts that need to be bent on an 8 or 10ft. brake.

Patrol wing spars:
Price $7550 + $395 S&H

Bearhawk Aircraft now offers a tubing package for the basic fuselage. All tubes are full length(per plans), all bent to shape, and with all tube ends notched or "fishmouthed" to fit together. We assemble this package in our fuselage tooling, then remove the tubing, label each tube as to its correct location, and pack into a long cardboard tube for shipping. Patrol Tubing Package - $3300 + Please contact for shipping cost before ordering
No picture available