Bearhawk Aircraft Announces First Flights and Releases Factory Video

Austin, Texas, October 16, 2017 – Bearhawk Aircraft announced today the recent first flights of two amateur-built Bearhawk Patrol aircraft. These builder-pilots join several others who have completed their Bearhawk aircraft in 2017 and include a Bearhawk LSA completion and a couple who built matching aircraft. Additionally, the company released a new video showcasing the Bearhawk Aircraft kit factory.

First Flights of Five Bearhawk Patrols, an LSA, and a 4-Place

Mark Goldberg, president of Bearhawk Aircraft, exclaimed, “There has been one more Patrol fly in Cocolalla, Idaho, while another Patrol made its first flight in Sanger, Texas.”

After speaking with the Idaho Patrol builder about his airplane, Goldberg reported, “It is flying at 2500 rpm, at 2500 feet AGL, and he is seeing 115–120 knot cruise. While at 60 to 65-percent power he’s burning around seven gallons per hour. When slowed to 100 knots true airspeed, the Patrol burns six gallons per hour. Comparing the Patrol to a 180 horsepower PA-18 Super Cub, speeds are as much as 25–35 miles per hour faster and fuel burn is one-third less.

“The owner in Texas equipped his Patrol with a IO-375 Stroker engine developing 205 horsepower. With a Whirlwind constant speed prop, the Patrol is 40–50 mph faster than a PA-18 with the same engine,” he exclaimed.

Several Bearhawk aircraft completed this year have now flown off their time in the test period. According to Goldberg, each has reported that they are extremely happy with their new aircraft.

Among the completions were the aforementioned couple. From Cottage Grove, Oregon, they were awarded an AirVenture Oshkosh special recognition—For Embodying the Homebuilding Spirit—for their tandem work on two kit-built Bearhawk Patrols. Dennis Reynolds and Donna Svoboda completed their aircraft, each customized to their personal taste, and flew for the first time in January. Their first cross country flight was a “faster-than-expected” arrival at Wittman Field in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for AirVenture. The couple’s story can be read here and here.

Goldberg also revealed three more first flights in 2017: Another Patrol in Louisiana, a 4-place Bearhawk in Kenai, Alaska, and a Bearhawk LSA in Overgaard, Arizona. He noted, “Everyone is impressed with how the Bearhawk jumps off the ground and its cruise speed.” The recently completed Patrols all have constant speed propellers, with one exception being the aircraft in Idaho. This customer chose a Catto fixed pitch prop.

Release of Bearhawk Aircraft Kit Factory Video

A recently completed video highlighting the fabrication of Bearhawk Aircraft kits was made public and is garnering thumbs-up reviews. The video highlights the factory, its workers, and their steadfast workmanship in delivering quality Bearhawk Aircraft kits from a location in central Mexico.

The video will serve to connect prospective builders of Bearhawk Aircraft with the kit manufacturer. There’s a symbiotic relationship that ensues when launching into an aircraft construction project. “In knowing where and how the Bearhawk Aircraft kits are produced, builders have a higher level of confidence in its construction as well as knowledge that the factory is well equipped in supporting owners, and rebuilders, with a reliable source for parts,” stated Goldberg. The video can be found here on the Bearhawk YouTube channel.

The Bearhawk is a Go Anywhere aircraft that performs a variety of flying activities. The 4-Place Bearhawk fills a utility and transport role extremely well with its large cabin. The Bearhawk Patrol is a tandem 2-place version that excels at accessing remote airstrips. The Bearhawk LSA is a lightweight design that meets Sport Pilot requirements. Each aircraft shares backcountry qualities that include stable slow flight and higher than expected cruise speeds. Bearhawk Aircraft manufactures high quality Quick-Build kits for the Bearhawk 4-Place, two-place tandem Bearhawk Patrol, and Bearhawk LSA.


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