Bearhawk Companion Kits

Companion Quick Build kit – $50,500

Companion Quick Build wings – $21,705

Companion Quick Build Fuselage – $29,800

Companion Wing Component Kit – $10,850

Basic Fuselage – $16,800

Welding required. Includes finish welded fuselage frame (unpainted).

The basic fuselage structure complete, but with only the most important attach fittings finish welded on. These are:

  • Wing attach fittings
  • Wing Strut Fittings
  • landing gear attach fittings
  • wing strut attach fittings
  • and the tail surfaces attach fittings.

Start your project with a straight, true fuselage finish welded in our big fuselage jig. UNPAINTED because there are many parts that still need to be welded on.