Kit Builder Manuals


Bearhawk Assistance Manual



The Builder’s Assistance
Manual is available in Adobe ‘pdf’ format in 5 parts.
Download all five to get the entire manual.

Part One – BHManual-Fuselage1-25Rev1.pdf

download size: 1,362kb
Chapter Page
Project Overview 3
Getting Started – What’s needed? 4
Engines and Props -Specs, do’s and dont’s 5
The Building Sequence 7
Landing Gear Installation 9
Tailwheel Installation and choices 12
Installing the Tail and Trim System 13
The Control Stick System 17
Rudder Pedal Assembly 19
Flap Control System 21
Floor Boards 23

Part Two –BHManual-fuselage26-45Rev2.pdf

download size: 1,696kb
Chapter Page
Seats 26
Installing the Stringers 28
Control Cables 30
The Fuel System 31
Brake System 34
Cabin Air Vents 37
Installing the Firewall 38
The Boot Cowl 40

Part Three- BHManual-Fuselage46-79Rev1.pdf

download size: 1,514kb
Chapter Page
Instrument Panel 46
Engine Cowling and Nosebowl 49
Doors 55
Windshield Installation 58
Interior Thoughts and Variations 62
Fabric Covering the Fuselage 64
Installing the Engine 66
Appendix A – Hardware List by Application
Appendix B – Hardware List Totaled by Types
Appendix C – Random Covering Thoughts

Part Four – BHManual-Wing1-28Rev0.pdf

download size: 1,315kb
Chapter Page
Getting started 1
Flap actuating system 7
Aileron actuating system 9
Tip and root ribs 11
Hanging the wings 12
Setting Dihedral and making the struts 19
Installing Flaps and Ailerons 24

Part Five – BHManual-Wing29-54Rev0.pdf

download size: 1,393kb
Chapter Page
Installing gas tanks 29
Tank Bay stiffeners 31
Aux tank installation 33
Plumbing the main tanks 35
Plumbing the aux tanks 38
Tank covers and nut plates 40
Wiring 43
Pitot system 44
Inspection panels and nut plates 46
Riveting the wing skin 48
Installing Wing tips 50
Trailing edges 52
Control cables 53
Root fairings 54