LSA Kits

Bearhawk LSA Kits
If you are considering building your own Bearhawk LSA, we’re here to encourage you with a variety of options. Of course, you can simply purchase the plans and begin scrounging for raw materials. Or you can purchase some sub-kits or components from us. We welcome any and all Bearhawk builders into the fold. However, if you think you want to scratch build we recommend that you talk to builders that have gone before you. Nearly all will tell you to purchase our QB kit.
Save yourself 1000s of hours of work and fly years sooner.
We believe that even craftsmen and machinists benefit from building from our Quick-Build kit. (There’s still a lot of enjoyable work to accomplish.)


Here are the prices and contents of our kits and components:

Quick Build Kit   –  $38,500 (no welding required)
Includes: Quick Build Wing Kit and Quick Build Fuselage Kit
Quick Build Wing Kit    $16,400  These Wings are sold in an advanced level of completion. The top skin is fully riveted. Fuel tanks are included as are the ailerons.
Standard Fuselage Kit  –  $15,500 –  Some welding is required but the fuselage frame comes fully welded with all of the major attachment fittings welded –  unpainted (includes landing gear and motor mounts)  Also includes Horizontal Stabilizer, Rudder and elevators as well as control sticks and rudder pedals.
Quick Build Fuselage Kit –  $22,600 – The same as Standard Fuselage but has all the tbs and the frame is primed and painted.  Includes all pre-cut sheet metal, doors, and frames, fiberglass nosse bowl, tail spring, seat frames, instrument panel blank, etc.

Please give us a call or email if you have any questions about what is included in our kits.

CRATING CHARGE (if delivered by Bearhawk Aircraft):     $ 800