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Here are the prices and contents of our kits and components:

The Quick-Build Kit is on the FAA 51% approved kit list.
Because the airframe is largely fabric covered and because of the way the FAA constructs its definition of the 51% rule, we are able to complete the entire structure so there is no actual structural fabrication to be done other than completing the riveting of the top skin. This is left partially open so the builder can access and install certain components.
Although all of the wing control surfaces are almost ready to be installed, the builder must install the hinges first and then install them, which is part of the 51% program. The same thing is true of the tail, landing gear, control system, etc: the components are finished but must be installed. Assembly and installation not fabrication.
The Quick-Build does not include windshield, tires and brakes, covering/painting materials, seats, upholstery kits, cables, pulleys and hardware.
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Full Bearhawk Quick Build fuselage – $23,625

Includes everything that comes with the Bearhawk Quick Build Kit




The basic fuselage structure complete, but with only the most important attach fittings finish welded on. These are:

  • Wing attach fittings
  • Wing Strut Fittings
  • landing gear attach fittings
  • wing strut attach fittings
  • and the tail surfaces attach fittings.

Start your project with a straight, true fuselage finish welded in our big fuselage jig. UNPAINTED because there are many parts that still need to be welded on.


Bearhawk Quick Build Wings – $18,875

Includes everything that comes with the Bearhawk Quick Build Kit




  • Ribs formed (includes all wing, flap, aileron ribs)
  • All spars primed, assembled and finished

CRATING CHARGE (if delivered by Bearhawk Aircraft):     $ 800
(if delivered by common carrier):      $950 wings/ $950 fuselage

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