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Bearhawk Aircraft Introduces 6-Place Aircraft
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Bearhawk Aircraft Make First Flights in Brazil and New Zealand and Log Win in New Zealand STOL Contest

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Bearhawk Duo: In the Land of the Long White Cloud – by Mike Taylor

-From Kitplanes Magazine – March 2017

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New Zealand Sport Flying Autumn 2016

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Bearhawk 250 – by Zane Jacobson

– Many pilots, especially those looking for a capable Experimental Amateur-built 4-seat taildragger worthy of flying the backcountry, turn to the Bearhawk design. BCP member Mike Creek has built and flies a beautiful example.
June 13, 2012

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EAA Sport Aviation 2005 Article

and Sportsman Pilot 2004 Article

– Two articles about Pat Fagans ‘Smokey’ Bearhawk. 

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Northern Pilot August/September 2002

Story and Photographs by David Kujawa – An excellent article about the Bearhawk, Bob Barrows, and the Avipro Bearhawk kits. David also offers his personal observations about the Bearhawks flying characteristic

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EAA In Action – An article by Wilber Graff

A Plans built Airplane finished and first flown on July 6, 2001

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Budd Davisson,

Barrows Bearhawk 260: A Case Study in Refinement

“Nasty! That’s the only to describe the wind, as I lined up on the runway at Winter Haven’s long runway. Nasty! It had to be gusting 15-25 knots and snapped from slightly in front of the right wing to behind it. Yeah, this was a great kind of day to fly a new airplane for the first time. NOT! On the one hand, it was a shame the day was so bad, because I’d been looking forward to this flight for a long, long time….for five years, to be exact, since I last flew the 180 hp version of the same airplane, the Barrows Bearhawk. This was a new prototype with lots of subtle refinements and, more importantly, 260 hp driving through a three-blade prop. The up side to this kind of day was that the nasty conditions would let me see the airplane at it’s worse. There’s no tougher condition than a sometimes-quartering tailwind to find out how evil a tailwheel airplane can be…”

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Patrol Articles

Each Their Own

June 2018 – EAA Sport Aviation – By Beth E. Stanton

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The Bearhawk Patrol

January 2017 – African Pilot – By Karl Jensen

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Robert ‘Bob’ Barrows’ Bearhawk Patrol debuts first of its type in Africa

August 2015 – African Pilot – By Willie Bodenstein

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October 2003 Sport Aviation Article

This Article is a reprint of a posting in EAA Sport Aviation Magazine Oct. 2003 pg 31 By Jack Cox

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Greg King Flight Report

Greg King has been instrumental during the flight testing of the prototype Bearhawk Patrol. He is a flight instructor, and holds a bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech.

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Jim Clevenger Flight Report

“This Flight report is by Jim Clevenger of Kissimmee FL. Jim has over 11,000 hours of flight time in a wide variety of aircraft from Cub type, Acrobatics types, race planes, to P51 mustangs. I respect Jim’s opinions and experiences in the world of aviation.” – Bob Barrows

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Patrol-ing the Skys – by Ed Kolano

– Bearhawk Patrol Flying Qualities Report

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LSA Articles


Bearhawk LSA Lite Flight Test – by Gregory Clegg

-Bearhawks have earned a well-deserved reputation as fantastic upgrades of Piper’s classic Super Cub. -EAA South Africa: September 2018

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Wayne Giles’ Bearhawk LSA sees daylight for the first time – by Karl Jensen

-The engine roared into life after the 1st blade passed TDC. All pressures and other indications were spot on. -EAA South Africa: April 2017

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Bearhawk LSA: Not your father’s LSA – by Chuck Berthe

– My RVs give a pretty good push from the back of the seat on takeoff; I didn’t expect much from a fixed-pitch, 105-hp LSA. Wrong. I’d intended to take a peek over Barrows’ shoulder at the lift-off speed, but the rapid 200-foot takeoff roll, followed by a steep 60 mph IAS climbout precluded a peek at much of anything. I would estimate the initial climb was in excess of 1000 fpm. I thought LSAs were supposed to be sissy airplanes.  -Kitplanes: September 2013

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