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Bearhawk Aircraft has been manufacturing kits and parts for the Bearhawk line of aircraft since 2001. In 2009, production of the Patrol started. The Bearhawk LSA began production in 2013. All parts manufactured by Bearhawk Aircraft are made under the authorization and supervision of Bob Barrows, design engineer of the Bearhawk, Patrol, and Bearhawk LSA.

In our Parts Store, you’ll see many listings for parts packages corresponding to a specific page of the plans. These packages include all of the parts shown on that specific page of the plans, as needed for one aircraft. All parts are made to order, unless otherwise indicated. Customers can choose between Painted or Unpainted options on many of the parts we offer here at our Parts Store. These items can be purchased primered and painted at our factory, like we deliver them with our Quick Build kits. Alternately, they can be purchased without primer or paint, at a lower cost.

Parts packages come on trucks from our factory every 12-14 weeks with our Quick Build Kits. Please give us as much lead time as possible so you’re not delayed on your project while waiting for parts.

Other parts that aren’t made at our factory, like hardware, are generally kept in stock and ship quickly.

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