Rib / Spar Web Package


This package consists of all wing ribs, aileron ribs, flap ribs, and false ribs. Ribs are professionally hydroformed with lightening holes cut and flanged. The ribs will still need to be straightened and have the vertical stiffener angles installed. Included are all .032 spar webs for the main spars, rear spars, false spars, aileron spars, and flap spars. Also included are all the aluminum parts that need to be bent on an 8ft. brake. These consist of the wing trailing edge skin stiffeners in the flap area (4 pieces ) and the aileron/flap trailing edges ( 4 pieces ).

Note: This package eliminates one of the harder tasks for the scratch builder – finding an 8ft. brake and bending the spar webs to match your ribs.

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