Sky City Aerial Photography

March 8, 2012
I use my Bearhawk for taking aerial photography of the southwest. It gives me a mission to fly and it works great. I believe the Bearhawk is probably 
better suited for aerial photography than any other airplane I’ve flown.

The reason is because it is very stable when trimmed and can be flown 
around with slight rudder input. I can slow to 60 or so with a couple 
notches of flaps, trim, open the window, and steer around where I want 
to take photos without touching the stick. Gives both hands free. The 
stall characteristics are so benign, I don’t worry about stalling. In my 
Bearhawk, rudder alone turns of course have to be made gradually, but 
you can turn enough to get the photos you are interested in. It isn’t 
too windy in the cockpit with the window open, and not too cold even in 
the winter.
I’ve attached a photo I took of “Sky City” not too far from Albuquerque 
”Sky City” is the Acoma Indian pueblo that sits on top of a large sandstone mesa. The Acoma Indians built it on top of the mesa for protection around 1150 AD. It is the oldest, continuously inhabited community in North America. 
Anyway, I don’t know how many other Bearhawk builders are using their 
Bearhawks for photos, but it works great.

David B. Albuquerque NM