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Bearhawk Aircraft will be displaying the Bearhawk LSA at the Paradise City part of Sun N Fun.  We will be in booth 31 showing off the first Bearhawk LSA to be finished from our Quick Build kit. Stop by and visit.

July 27, 2016

We took Paul Dye, Editor in Chief of Kitplanes Magazine, for a demo flight in our new Bearhawk Model B.  Here's what he wrote about his flight.

Plans vs. Kit Build - a plans builder's perspective

Scratch build from plans or build from a kit? Read one plans builder's perspective here

Bearhawk Stories

From Rusty H in Alabama

After working with Mr. Way for about a year on his QB Bearhawk LSA.  I wanted to drop you a line about the project. First I would like to say  it was a pleasure working with you and your team of fine craftsmen. The  kit construction was excellent with all the difficult parts done to very  high standards, it required no jigs and all parts fit as per the plans..Read more...

New Patrol Weight & Balance

Having recently completed my Bearhawk Patrol kit, it was time to do the final weight and balance on it. Having worked hard to keep it light, I was pleasantly surprised to have the empty weight come in at 1,061 lbs..Read more...

Patrol Flight Reports

From Peter in Salt Lake City: Today was one of those days that you will rarely find in aviation.  There was virtually ZERO wind during the test.  The density altitude matched the pressure altitude within 50 feet or so and the GPS and Indicated airspeed matched almost perfectly.  As you know, at around 5,300 feet density 24 inches is about all the MP you can get so here we go...Read more...

Sky City Aerial Photography

March 8, 2012 I use my Bearhawk for taking aerial photography of the southwest. It gives me a mission to fly and it works great. I believe the Bearhawk is probably 
better suited for aerial photography than any other airplane I've flown..Read more...

Still Grinning

I had the wonderful opportunity to solo fly Mark’s newly finished Patrol today, N410BP. What a blast. I'm no test pilot and the flight was short, but I was sure left with some good impressions..Read more...

New Zealander Flying Testamonial

Two New Zealanders are about to fly their four place Bearhawk for the first time. One of them came to the US to get a little stick time in a Bearhawk. Here are his comments: Read more...


You have landed at the online home of the finest amateur-built utility aircraft kits, the four-seat Bearhawk, the two-seat Patrol, and the Bearhawk LSA.    Portuguese   -  Español

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The 4-Place Bearhawk

 Bearhawk Aircraft offers the finest, most capable two and four place kit utility planes to the homebuilt aircraft community, at prices that make our products the best value among kit planes. Since we sold our first kit in 2001, many happy customers have experienced the thrill of the first flight in a real aircraft, built by their own hands. Today, there are over 100 Bearhawks flying worldwide.

Some Bearhawk builders customize their aircraft with leather interiors and instrument flying capability to have a comfortable family cruiser. As we say:The Bearhawk can be whatever you want it to be!!!

Read more: The 4-Place Bearhawk


Bearhawk Patrol

The Bearhawk Patrol is a high wing aircraft designed for comfort, endurance and fun. The generous proportions of the cabin provide plenty of room for just about any sized pilot, a passenger (or two if they are small) and gear. The large baggage door ensures the ability to easily load your cargo.

The available visibility is outstanding both on the ground and in the air. The patrols flight controls are light and very responsive at cruise and slow speeds. Low landing speeds are further enhanced by the use of the 18 ft. span, manually operated flaps (up to 40 degrees).

Read more: Bearhawk Patrol


LSA Bearhawk

Announcing the Newest Addition to the Bearhawk Family. The Bearhawk LSA

Bearhawk designer Bob Barrows has done it again. With the success of his popular 4-place Bearhawk and the sporty 2-place Bearhawk Patrol behind him, Barrows turned his attention to his next creation, the Bearhawk LSA.
Even though the new Bearhawk LSA looks similar to the Bearhawk Patrol (2-place with a roomy cockpit for the big guys), the LSA is really a clean sheet design, with an all new airfoil designed in part by Harry Riblett.

Read more: Bearhawk LSA