4 Place

The original bush plane that launched the Bearhawk line.

The Patrol

A high wing aircraft designed for comfort, endurance and fun.

Light Sport (LSA)

A light sport airplane that delivers comfort and performance. 


side by side 2-place.

Model 5

The Bearhawk six seater and heavy hauler.

Bearhawk Aircraft in the News

Oshkosh 2023

We will be in booths 608 & 609 at the EAA Oshkosh 2023. Displayed will be a four place Bearhawk, a Model 5, and a STOL contest winning Patrol. Please stop by to visit. Happy to answer your questions and show everyone the planes.

Bearhawk Aircraft Production to Increase to Meet Demand | AirVenture Momentum Pushes Bearhawk Kit Backlog Beyond 2022

AUSTIN, TEXAS, SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 – Bearhawk Aircraft announced today the company is ramping up production at its manufacturing facility to meet increased demand for Bearhawk quick-build kits. The company offers a high quality kit of parts and assemblies used for the construction of Bearhawk two, four, and six-place amateur built aircraft. At present, five models are available in both plan and...

Bearhawk Aircraft Announces First Flight of Side-by-Side Bearhawk Companion, and Bearhawk Gathering in New Zealand

AUSTIN, TEXAS, MAY 17, 2021 – Bearhawk Aircraft announced today the first flight of a Bearhawk Companion, side-by-side two-place aircraft. The Companion is a utility aircraft with backcountry flying characteristics. It derived from the tandem seating Bearhawk Patrol wings and the Bearhawk 4-Place Model B fuselage. Design goal cruise speeds of 145 mph (126 knots indicated) have been met, as well...

Bearhawk Aircraft Trifectas: Seasonal Operations on Wheels, Floats and Skis, and 3X STOL Competition Winner

AUSTIN, TEXAS, APRIL 9, 2021 – Bearhawk Aircraft announced today the successful operations of a Bearhawk 4-Place aircraft on wheels, floats and skis. The Bearhawk is a rugged design built originally for heavy hauling and bulky loads. As a “triphibious” airplane, the Bearhawk 4-Place performs equally well on wheels, floats and skis apropos of the season. Owner/operator/builder of the kit-built...

Bearhawk Aircraft Announces Model B First Flights and Model 5 Kit Deliveries

AUSTIN, TEXAS, MARCH 1, 2021 – Bearhawk Aircraft announced today two first flights of Bearhawk Model B aircraft in Idaho and California. The Bearhawk Model B is a 4-Place aircraft designed by engineer Bob Barrows. Also, aircraft kits of the Bearhawk Model 5, a 6-Place design announced last May, have shipped. The first four customers of the Model 5 have received their kits and construction is...

Bearhawk Aircraft Introduces 6-Place Aircraft

AUSTIN, TEXAS, MAY 21, 2020 – Bearhawk Aircraft announced today the introduction of its largest Bearhawk model to date, the Bearhawk 5. The new aircraft was designed by engineer Bob Barrows and is the first in the lineup of Bearhawk aircraft to use a 300-horsepower engine, seating up to six occupants. The Bearhawk Model 5 made its first flight on May 3rd. The prototype has flown more than five...

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A guide for building your own airplane.

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Bearhawk – Bob Barrows’ Approach to Airplane Design you YouTube Video

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