Model 5

The Bearhawk six seater and heavy hauler.

Like all of Bob Barrows designs, the Model 5 features a 4130 tube fuselage which is fabric covered with tail feathers also of steel tube and ribs fabric covered. Some fuselage parts are common to the four place Bearhawk like the rudder pedals and stick assembly. Like Bob’s other designs, oil dampened spring shock struts are used which absorb the impact of landing instead of bouncing you back in the air. The already big aft cargo doors of the four place BH are even larger on the Model 5.

The wings used are the same as used on the Model B four place BH. Featuring a Riblett airfoil with very gentle slow speed manners, the all aluminum wings designed for 3000 lb gross weight with flush riveted skins provide low drag and good cruise speeds. Flaps and ailerons are fabric covered. To watch an interview with Bob Barrows where he describes his approach to airplane design – Click Here

We feel that our Model B four place and the new Model 5 can be compared with the C180 & C185. Both models of the Cessna use the same wing as does the Model B four place and the Model 5. The C185 is slightly larger and designed to use a bigger engine compared to the C180. Same as the Model 5 compared to the Model B. Since the Cessnas have not been built new since the early 1980’s, our planes offer a great alternative for personal use airplanes (not for commercial use) as compared to the Cessnas. So many of the Cessna 180 & C185’s have been wrecked and repaired many times. Expensive certified parts are becoming harder and harder to obtain. With a brand new Bearhawk, you also have a robust steel tube structure all around you which protects you in the event you have a bad day. Since these planes are often used for back country flying into short, ugly strips, or off airport operations, having the protection of a steel tube cage around your can be a life saver.

bearhawk kit plane 6

Model 5 Spec Sheet

Maximum Speed ( VNE) -180MPH ( IAS)
Max cruise 75%- 165MPH ( IAS)
Typical Cruise 65%- 145MPH (IAS)
Economy range -standard 55 gal tanks- 500NM
Economy Range with Aux tanks (19 gal) – 700NM


Stall Speed- 40 MPH (IAS)
Take Off Roll – 250ft-  600 ft (depending on weight)

Empty weight- 1450-1650lbs ( depending on engine selection)
Gross weight- 3000lb
Wing Span- 34FT
Wing Area- -186 sq/ft
Load rating- +4.5G -2.5G ( Utility Category at full gross)

Cabin Length ( Firewall to baggage wall)-125”
Cabin Width at Shoulders ( Front Seats)-44.5”
Cabin Width at shoulders rear seats- 41.5”
Cabin Floor to ceiling (Rear Seats)- 46”
Cabin Height ( at Pilot position)- 50”
Cargo Door- 60’ x 27”
Note: all interior dimensions about 10% bigger than a C185



In 2009 a friend of design engineer Bob Barrows approached requesting Bob design a bigger version of his four place Bearhawk. This friend is a big fellow, and wanted more elbow room. So Bob drew him a preliminary set of plans for the Bearhawk Model 5.

Instead of a C170 windshield like used on the four place, the two inch wider fuselage would require the C182 windshield. The over all length of the Model 5 exceeds the four place by twenty four inches.

Bob’s friend started work on the Model 5. He completely finished the tail surfaces and had a lot of the fuselage tubing tacked welded. The wings were provided from the Bearhawk kit factory as Quick Build wings. The wings used the same Riblett airfoil as on the Patrol instead of the 4412 airfoil of the four place.

After a strong start, the project stalled due to health problems of the builder. Every year or two Bob would ask us what could we do to get the prototype Model 5 built. One day, experienced Bearhawk builder Collin Campbell mentioned that he was getting bored and needed a project. Collin had previously built a four place Bearhawk from plans alone, a Patrol from plans, and then a Bearhawk LSA built from the Quick Build kit. So Collin was uniquely qualified to take on a project like this. His experience with all of Bob’s previous designs made him the perfect person to work with Bob and get the Model 5 built.

Engine Options

The smallest engine that can be used on the Model 5 is the six cylinder Lycoming 540 with parallel valve cylinders making 250 – 260 HP. The next step up in engine power options is the angle valve IO540 making 300 HP. The prototype Model 5 sports a Lycoming IO580 making 315 HP. We used this engine because our friends at Lycoming made us a great deal on this engine for our prototype Model 5.

Kit Options


Model 5 Quick Build fuselage – $48,250

Bearhawk Model 5 Quick Build Wings – $29,750



CRATING CHARGE (if delivered by Bearhawk Aircraft):     $ 800

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Bearhawk Model 5 Kits

If you are considering building your own Bearhawk Model 5, we’re here to encourage you with a variety of options. You can simply purchase the plans and begin scrounging for raw materials. Or you can purchase some sub-kits or components from us. We welcome any and all Bearhawk builders into the fold. However, if you think you want to scratch build we recommend that you talk to builders that have gone before you. Nearly all will tell you to purchase our Quick Build kit. Save yourself 1000’s of hours of work and fly years sooner. We believe that even craftsmen and machinists benefit from building from our Quick Build kit. (There’s still a lot of enjoyable work to accomplish.)
However you intend to build your Bearhawk, get started now!


This photo shows the contents of the complete Bearhawk Model B Quick Build Kit (with optional auxiliary tanks).

Here are the prices and contents of our kits and components:


Because the airframe is largely fabric covered and because of the way the FAA constructs its definition of the 51% rule, we are able to complete the entire structure so there is no actual structural fabrication to be done other than completing the riveting of the bottom wing skins. This is left partially open so the builder can access and install certain components.

All of the wing control surfaces are ready to be installed. The same thing is true of the tail, landing gear, control system, etc: the components are finished but must be installed.

Assembly and installation not fabrication.

The Advanced Quick-Build does not include tires, covering/painting materials, & seat upholstery.

Now included with your Model 5 Advanced Quick Build Kit:

  • Complete set of plans, with serial number (Note: If you have purchased plans separately, the kit price will be reduced by the purchase amount of your plans.)
  • Fuselage completely finish welded, no welding required. Ready for stringers, cover and systems installation.
  • Landing gear and tail, completely finished, ready for cover and installation.
  • Control system completely fabricated, ready to install.
  • Wings finished, interior primed, with only the bottom skin which is already drilled and dimpled and ready to be riveted.
  • Control surfaces assembled, ready to be installed/covered.
  • Wing Struts with end fittings already drilled and just need to insert bolts.
  • Fuel tanks installed in your wings (aux tanks optional).
  • Motor mount ready to be installed. Choices are Lycoming 0-360, 0-540 and Continental 0-470.
  • Firewall and boot cowl, ready for trimming and assembly (not drilled).
  • Huge cargo doors standard with all kits. Rear float attachment points optional
  • The frames for all seats are included. Builder will fabricate seat pans and upholstery.
  • Wing tips
  • fuel caps
  • trim wheel w/chain
  • aileron cable guards
  • Hardware to build your kit now provided.
  • gascolator
  • clear windshield (tinted or UV block extra)
  • Brake master cylinders (one set). Second set optional.
  • Wing tie down rings
  • Grove double puck wheels/brakes
  • Flying wires for your tail surfaces
  • 10” Bob Barrows tailwheel. Tundra tailwheel optional
  • SPRL fuel selector valve

Please give us a call or email if you have any questions about what is included in our kits.

Bearhawk Model 5 Quick Build fuselage – $48,250

Bearhawk Model 5 Quick Build Wings – $29,750

NOTE: certain non Bearhawk specific items that are included with the Bearhawk Model 5 Advanced Quick Build Kit are not included when only a fuselage or set of wings is ordered.


The basic fuselage structure complete, but with only the most important attach fittings finish welded on. These are:

  • Wing attach fittings
  • Wing Strut Fittings
  • landing gear attach fittings
  • wing strut attach fittings
  • and the tail surfaces attach fittings.

Start your project with a straight, true fuselage finish welded in our big fuselage jig. UNPAINTED because there are many parts that still need to be welded on. And other fuselage parts will need to be fabricated or purchased separately.


  • Ribs formed (includes all wing, flap, aileron ribs)
  • Wing spars primed, assembled and finished. Ready to build wing skeleton.
  • Also flap and aileron spars included

CRATING CHARGE (if delivered by Bearhawk Aircraft):     $ 800