Bearhawk Resources

The Builder’s Assistance
Manual is available in Adobe PDF format in 5 parts.

Download all five to get the entire manual.

This legacy build manual was written in 2007.  MANY things have changed in the kits since then including the changes made when we started making the Model B four place kits with different wings. This manual is not intended to be followed 100% when building the kit.  There are other resources available to builders much more up to date and applicable to current production kits.  We leave this manual available as a reference for builders and also for interested pilots to get a general idea how the kits go together.

“The Bearhawk Magazine was a one time effort to publish a high quality magazine with lots of information about the Bearhawks & members of the Bearhawk community. It also contains some stories that we hope you will find interesting.  This was done before our newest models were designed and the kits for them manufactured.  Enjoy.”


A Newsletter for Builders of the Barrows Bearhawk

Bear-Tracks Newsletter

The BearTracks quarterly newsletter is now being produced by Jared Yates of Hickory, North Carolina. Jared is a prominent member of the Bearhawk community. He offers Bearhawk shirts/hats/decals and many other things through his Bearhawk Store

Jared also is authorized by the FAA to give transition training to new Bearhawk owners to get them ready for the first flight in their new Bearhawk. Click this link to subscribe to the current years BearTracks or purchase back issues.

We have set up an internet based forum where all members of the Bearhawk community can ask questions while building all models of Bearhawks, and much more.  Whether you are building a Bearhawk, thinking of building a Bearhawk from a kit or from plans, or just interested in the designs – we encourage you to join the forum to participate or just monitor the discussion.  To make a posting, you need to register with a user name and password. See you there.